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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Of battles and glory

A year already?! So many times I felt the urge to write a new post but didn't. So, here I am, a year later. My lymph edema left arm still flares up and is wrapped up like a mummy at the moment, but my breast MRI last month was all clear so...yay! I guess. No, really, I'm very relieved. But my oncologist has said that, because the cancer had broken out of the lymph node they found it in, if I go two years with no return of cancer my chance of 10+ year survival is good. If I go five years with no return, long-term survival looks very good.
So it turns out that making it through the cancer-treatment battle, doesn't win the war. Yet.

My left armpit is battle-scarred as are what's left of any lymph nodes on that side of my chest. But now the "adjunct" treatment (daily Tamoxifen pill) is attacking my hormones by shocking my body into full-blown menopause. Preventing any cell of estrogen (i.e. my cancer fertilizer) is smart, but it turns out that estrogen is usually very desirable for helping prevent wrinkles, muffin tops, arthritis aches, and uterine cancer, among other things.

So, one's mind can become slightly wasted at this point: "Is that arthritis in my hips or did the cancer make it to my bones? Am I going to bed at 7pm so often because I'm worn out or because the cancer made it to another organ in my body?" You have to make an intentional decision not to live like that every day, which reminds you to be thankful just to be here...right now...hearing your daughter laugh hysterically as her dad imitates a dog, feeling her tight squeeze around your neck, each of you waiting to see who lets go first and not wanting to ever let go! That's when the joy comes back and cancer takes a backseat. There's too much to be grateful for everyday to worry it away.

So that's my job these days...adjusting to an attitude of gratitude, as I swallow that bitter pill and tug that ugly sleeve up my arm. It's a "big ol' goofy world," this side of heaven. Makes me want to listen to some John Prine, sip some wine, and remember that all the glory is Thine Lord (not meant to be pithy, but the rhyme just happened, really!) 

So if it's not all about ME, then resting in that knowledge is the purest form of rest I know. That, and a Psalm a day...can go a long making me feel okay! (ahhh I can't quit...must be the hormones.) Peace out.


  1. Great post, my friend. I admire your faith. You live your life so fully that I forget what you so recently went through and the mental battles you face. Thanks for sharing and choosing a brave, honest, grateful life.

  2. I'm with Dawn. You are an inspiration to us all in living life to it's fullest every single day. You are an incredible, talented, smart and good looking woman!