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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I found a job!!

No, not that job with Better Basics where I got the loudest silent treatment ever for my recent job application. No, not the job with United Way as an advocate for Healthy Kids (where at least I got an interview.) No, not with Samford University as a recruiter for their Teacher Ed. program or with UAB in their reading lab, or with First Teachers at Home or many other jobs that I applied for and ended up with zero response this past year {sigh}.
No, I got a job that will pay up for the rest of my life as long as I have one! My full-time, 24/7 job now is to fight the breast cancer that has returned, after a 4 year hiatus, and is now invasive. I feel so lucky that I didn't get another job, and don't have to have another job right now, because I really have to take this one. Matt really wants me to succeed at this job too and there are a lot of others that are counting on me and want me to take this job seriously...namely, my daughter, my parents, my sisters, my friends...
Fortunately I don't have to work alone. Sometimes I prefer to work alone but I think if I try that with this job, I will fall flat on my face. And perhaps die actually. So I am enlisting aid first from my greatest Helper, Friend, Lover of my soul, Lord of my life and source of all blessings...Jesus Christ. He knows just how to lighten my load, give me rest, and lead me to a peace that passes understanding. I'm also enlisting aid from doctors but I'm choosing them very carefully. Just a month ago (before we found the naughty lymph node under my arm) I had a doctor tell me that I should start taking estrogen. Hellooooooo! I had breast cancer 4 years ago and I'm not in menopause overdrive yet!! I decided he was wrong and never started taking the estrogen (thank God) but went back to argue with him about the estrogen AND show him this lymph node I could feel under my left arm (same side I had cancer), he tried to assure me it was foliculitis! I bit my tongue but insisted I needed at least an ultrasound and he patronized me with one. Turns out, cancer's been hiding in there. SO...he won't be helping me with my new job but I've got a team of experts instead! Then I'm enlisting aid from family, friends, and my church.
I think I'm covered! I start right away so future blogs here will be about job-related tasks.
Task #1 : start a sweaty exercise regime. Alrighty then! Off I go.