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I had an interesting childhood, born in Birmingham, Alabama then living all over the globe with my parents and 2 sisters because of my dad's job with an international company.
My parents are still married after 50+ years.
I graduated from a Christian Liberal Arts college in the 1980's and fatally messed up my first engagement to be married.
I married a handsome misogynist after that. We divorced 3 years later.
I asked Jesus for some time off.
I bought/ lived on a sailboat in SF, shared a camper truck and many adventures mt. biking, skiing, and kayaking with a beautiful narcissist for a few years, then backpacked solo through New Zealand and Australia for 3 months to break away - then I turned 30.
I asked Jesus if I could come home to Him (thankful that He never left me!)
Before taking the first step to move to Temuco, Chile to teach English in 1996, I met a man on a group camping trip who amazed me. I knew I had to stay because I wanted to marry him! He became my best friend and (thank GOD!) asked me to marry him in 1998.
I am still thankfully married to the best man I've ever known and we have a daughter who is the purest form of joy I've ever known!
We worship God with other messed up Christians on a regular basis and are humbled by the love and grace of Jesus.
We've walked through breast cancer together and are eternally grateful to be on the survivors side ... today.
I am still learning to relish today... not yesterday or tomorrow. Cancer helped that perspective.
I have never read\studied a book more amazing, powerful, or alive than The Bible. I highly recommend it.
I owe my sanity and life to prayer and questioning\studying The Bible... which always leads me to the feet of Jesus. I try to stay there.

Other stuff:
I am a former K-12 Reading Specialist with an M.S. in Education.
I'm halfway through a new M.S. degree in Library & Information Studies and am also the FT assistant to an expert K-5 school librarian.
I am thankful for my current job, and constantly seek balance like any other wife/mom. It's hard y'all!
My interests include loving on kids and dogs, vegetarian cooking, controlling chaos despite mostly failing, collecting children's literature, studying the gifts and challenges of Asperger's, and travel (especially global!)

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