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Sunday, December 5, 2010

On-the-job training: Hair

So one of the first things I did after visiting with an oncologist a couple of weeks ago is get a haircut. Parting with part of my hair seemed like it'd make the transition to _bald_ (which the doc has guaranteed) easier, especially for my daughter who fears my baldness more than anything in the world. Sad, but true. So I marched the whole family down to our local Super Cuts. Yes, that's right. My husband & daughter have no problem with Super Cuts...they're easy. But it's never been acceptable for ME to get a haircut there! My hair is complicated. My hair is important. My hair is ME for goodness sake. But I just went ahead and got my hair cut by an unknown hair cutter right there on the spot. Perhaps it was my way of rebelling against this cancer. Sort of giving it the finger if you will. That makes no sense, but I digress. Anyway, I just said, "go short and try to avoid a bob." I must say, it was liberating...having no fear of a bad haircut?! If only I lived like this always! I felt so silly for paying outrageous sums of money for haircuts in the past. So, one of the first things I've learned from my new job is...don't live in fear of a bad haircut. I mean, experts (really good hair experts) should be payed for their talent. But remember, that it's only HAIR. And it grows back. Eventually. And that $$ I didn't spend on my hair? I'm saving up for a wig.  :)


  1. You were truly brave to venture into the dark underworld of Supercuts with Grace & I. In the end, its all about the results and you look even awesomer with your new sassy cut.

  2. Um... Pics please?! :) And what were the results from your appointment?